toledo adult beach volleyball summer leagues

10 Week Session: July 6th – Sept. 20th (Off Labor Day week)
Guaranteed TWO matches a night; tournament will be Week 10
Cost: 4’s- $340 or 6’s- $510

4’s: Sunday, Monday or Thursday
(1 woman must be on court)

6’s: Sunday, Monday or Tuesday
(2 women must be on court)

Power 4’s: Tuesday and/or Thursday
(1 woman must be on court)

Matches will be played at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 PM

Registration Deadline is July 1st!

RULES:More specific rules will be emailed to captains.

  1. Each match will be two sets to 25, switch sides on multiples of 5, win by two, 27 cap.

  2. Every team will play two matches a night.

  3. Tournament seeding will be determined by wins/losses then point differential.

  4. First serve of match will be determined by rock, paper, scissors then other team will have first serve second set.

  5. No setting ball over net.

  6. All participants MUST complete waiver before participating including subs.

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