toledo adult youth beach volleyball summer leagues sand tournament


ENTRY FEE: $80 **includes one pizza per team

Teams of FOUR

DIVISIONS: Middle School (6th-8th)
High School (9th-12th)

Check in: 5:30
Player/Parent Meeting: 6:00
Pool Play Begins: 6:15


Tournament Format:

  1. Pool Play: Two sets to 21, 23 cap.

  2. Tournament seeding will be determined by wins/losses then point differential. 

  3. Single elimination tournament.

  4. First set serving team will be determined by rock, paper, scissors.

  5. No setting ball over net; no open hand tip or throw.

  6. One 60 second timeout permitted per team per set. 

  7. Contact with ANY part of the net is a violation.

  8. All participants and parents MUST complete waiver before participating including subs.


Facility Rules:

  1. NO coolers allowed. 

  2. Outside food in NOT permitted. 

  3. Players personal hydration drink up to 48oz is permitted. 

  4. We encourage teams to match!